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Good morning, good day and good evening ?

I am Roxy a former Health Food Caterer and Personal Trainer. My passion and greed for healthy cooking and eating led me to study with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. one of the Worlds most modern and leading nutrition schools. My other love is guiding people and supporting them to become healthier and happier individuals.

One persons food is another persons poison. We call this ‘Bio individuality, which is the concept that not one diet or lifestyle works for everyone.

Making changes and setting goals can be challenging. There is nothing more frustrating than getting STUCK! or going round in a circle.

My method is to focus on all aspects of your life. Primary food is all the factors of your life i.e. career, relationships, physical activity, spirituality and other lifestyle factors. I guide my clients to explore and bespoke best for . his and i will then guide you through.

I call the food we “eat“ secondary food. It is sometimes the primary food that gets in the way of allowing the best real

My method is all about

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